PCAmerica Cash Register Express

Robust. Reliable. Retail-Ready.

From corner stores to supermarkets, pcAmerica does it all. With built-in Inventory Management options, an available online portal, and 24/7 manufacturer support, pcAmerica is perfect for any retail space.

  • Store Security – pcAmerica retail loss prevention features include the ability to integrate a surveillance camera system with your POS system to curb shoplifting and keep employees accountable.


  • Real-Time Inventory – Quickly determine if an item is in stock and handing receiving and returns efficiently for a true picture of inventory. pcAmerica also generates purchase orders when stock drops below a minimum level.


  • Labor Management – You have the ability to turn your cash register into a workhorse that not only processes purchases but also enables employee time clock and labor scheduling.

Retail Inventory Management​

Managing inventory accurately and cost-effectively has a direct impact on overall business success. In a highly competitive, multi-store, multi-channel world, however, you need a robust tech solution to track inventory. Heartland pcAmerica software includes a robust retail inventory management feature that enables you to keep tight control over this vital area of your business.

Retail Loss Prevention and Access Control

U.S. retailers lose billions of dollars each year from shrinkage, with causes including employee theft, errors in record keeping, or vendor fraud. Heartland pcAmerica arms businesses with retail loss prevention and access control functionality that can help minimize shrinkage — and its impact on the bottom line. With features like employee access control, and integration with security cameras, loss prevention has never been easier to track.

Powerful Cloud Reporting

Access POS reports and monitor your business anytime, anywhere through our web portal, free with your pcAmerica support plan. Retailers can use the graphical dashboard interface to manage multiple locations with a real-time view of store metrics. You can adjust the dashboard to compare data to previous days, weeks, months or years. pcAmerica cloud reporting is hosted on secure, redundant cloud servers.