Heartland Retail

Dynamic. Flexible. Omnichannel Point of Sale.

Heartland Retail delivers simplicity, visibility, and increased control in a cloud-based platform designed exclusively for retailers.

Powerful Cloud-Based Retail Solution

Cloud-based POS

Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Customer Management

Real-Time Reporting


  • Increased Efficiency: Simplify business management and streamline tasks.
  • Better Business Decisions: Gain real-time insight for more control over your business.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Deliver seamless customer experiences across channels.
  • More Profitability: Grow your revenue while cutting costs for a better bottom line.

Cloud-Based Mobile POS

Manage transactions, gain critical sales data, and grow your business with feature-rich retail POS. Heartland Retail provides user-friendly mobile POS to equip associates with the information and tools they need to make personalized recommendations, engage customers, and manage transactions with ease.

Inventory Management

Know what’s in stock, what’s a top seller, and what items need to be promoted with real-time inventory management. Heartland Retail gives you increase visibility into your inventory operations, so that you can detect positive and negative trends and adjust your sales strategies as needed.

Customer Management

Boost customer engagement and loyalty by gaining valuable customer data through easy-to-read clienteling dashboards. Provide each customer with a personalized experience by quickly retrieving customer information so you can better engage with them and make better recommendations.


Unlock critical insight into various aspects of your business with a unified, cloud-based commerce platform. Heartland Retail provides unlimited custom fields and reports, so you can collect the most relevant data to your business and stay in control over your operations.