The Power of the Cloud at your Fingertips

Powerful, Scalable, and Feature-Rich, Heartland Restaurant streamlines your operations to keep your customers coming back.

Point of Sale


Self Order Kiosk


Online Ordering

Guest Application

Gift & Loyalty


  • Turn Tables Faster: Guests order and pay in a flash for an enhanced dining experience.
  • Skip the Line: Customers order ahead and scan to pay for speedy checkout.
  • Sync Servers and Kitchen: Meals can be personalized and communicated in real time.
  • Track Incoming Orders through Delivery: Meals are hot, fresh and on time — from tableside to pickup to delivery.
  • Manage Activities from Anywhere: Access menus, inventory and sales on any Internet-enabled device.

Point of Sale

  • Accessibility: Merchants have access to their restaurant from anywhere in the world.
  • Real-Time Connection: At anytime, a merchant can jump in to help restaurant staff, check on sales in real time, update menus and more.
  • Low-Impact System: The cloud-based platform does not require an on-site server, helping your business reduce technology costs.
  • Easy Integration: By being in the cloud, Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with other applications.
  • Self-Contained System: Continues to work with or without the Internet.

Self-Order Kiosk

  • Table-Side Ordering: Use kiosks to speed up ordering to reduce lines and waiting times.
  • Promotable Items & Order Suggestions: Help your restaurant generate more sales by providing upsell opportunities.
  • Removes Labor Overhead: Implementing self-order kiosks reduces overhead and frees up employees, allowing you to reallocate that labor to other areas.

Online Ordering

  • Consumer Options: Give your customers the ability to view the menu, place orders online, and even pay through the app, helping your restaurant to generate additional revenue.
  • Built-In Ordering: Part of the Restaurant platform at no additional charge, your business can implement online ordering seamlessly, with no third parties, software “patches” or extra costs are involved.

Gift & Loyalty

  • GPS-Based Advertisements: When guests are close to your restaurant, automatically send reminders to them about your business and ongoing offers.
  • App-Based Ordering: Help your restaurant provide quicker service by allowing customers to skip the line when both ordering and paying.
  • Pay from Application Options: Turn tables faster by enabling customers to pay when they want with scan to pay on their mobile device.

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