Wait List

A list that automatically organizes your waiting parties and gives you the details you want with a simple touch.

Text Message / Automated Calling Guest Alerts

Stop wasting money on maintaining your clunky pager system and text your guests.

Advanced Seating Chart

A powerful seating system that is light-years beyond what you’ve ever seen. Free your hosts from the stress of the busy Friday night.

Online Reservations

Take reservations on your website with no per-head or per-party fees. It’s all included.

Enterprise Analytics

Generate reports from your data and see things you’ve never have in the traffic patterns of your restaurant.

Get automatically generated wait times based on the activity in your location at that second.

Custom seating preferences, notes, and more give you serious control. Check people in from an iPad or smartphone, and call them back with a text message from a different device. All devices sync at all times.

Wait List Features

Auto-generated wait times


Seating preferences

Customizable notes

Simultaneous devices

At the door check-ins

Stop paying other services to do something you can do yourself with Freshtxt. Put a widget on your website that will book reservations out of your real-time inventory that feeds directly into the main Freshtxt app.

Want to see your average wait time was last night? Maybe how quick your individual servers are turning their tables on tuesdays? Or a complete report on every reservation you’ve taken this year? Easy. Get an amazing amount of details in a set of reports that give you data in simple and readable formats. Import them into your favorite spreadsheet program such as Excel and cut and slice all you want.

Enterprise Analytics Features

Multiple report types

Export to Excel (.csv)

Guest visit level detail

All locations in one report

Date range

Aggregated analysis

Seamlessly move parties from the wait list to a table and back again. Freshtxt will suggest a table or a section (depending on what you want) to maximize efficiency while at the same time being fair to your staff.

Split parties over multiple tables, make easy transfers from one to another, custom notes, turn time counters, and much more. Simple to learn and use but powerful enough to manage even the busiest of locations.

Advanced Seating Chart Features

Split Large Partes

Real-time floor/server stats

Set custom statuses

Easy Transfers

View/edit guest details

Easy drag and drop chart editing

Guests love it and you will too. Instead of handing them a pager, why not text their cell phone? It frees your guests from being stuck in your lobby and at the same time extends the time they are willing to wait. They don’t want a text message or you have a loud bar? Alert them with an automated call that their table is ready. You can integrate your existing pager system if you would like and extend it’s life because you are handing out less of them.

Guest Alert Features

Alert your guest when their

table is ready

Reduce/eliminate pager


Send guest check-in

text messages

Send texts or automated calls

Stops crowding at your

host stand

Allow guests to opt in

for Text Message Marketing

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