Easy to Use. Reliable. Industry-Proven.

From adding menu items to processing reports, Dinerware makes things quick, simple, and efficient.

  • Fast & Simple Checkout – Your staff uses an intuitive touchscreen to complete transactions with just a few taps.


  • Customizable Menus & Pricing – Modify menus or create a promotion in 30 seconds.


  • Optional Cloud-Based Menu & Report Management – Use your web browser to access the features of Dinerware and make menu changes, set pricing, update fresh sheets, or run reports in real time.

Bar Tab Preauthorization

Dinerware is an especially good fit for busy bars and nightclubs with features such as EMV bar tab preauthorization, which streamlines the payment process while enhancing security. Just swipe or dip a card to open a ticket for customers, then simply press “pay” when it’s time to close the tab. Relevant card data is retained in the system, eliminating the need to run the card again for payment and post-authorization.

Customer-Centric Service

Dinerware allows you to give your guests the VIP treatment they deserve. With Dinerware, your guests can move from bar to dining room and their check transfers easily to accommodate them. Dinerware also enables split checks and even split items, such as a dessert or a bottle of wine. Our customer search feature puts valuable information at your wait staff’s fingertips so they can personalize service and more effectively upsell. You can also expand the payment options you offer your customers with payment card and gift card integration.