Digital Dining

Powerful. Reliable. Customizable.

Digital Dining provides an Enterprise level Point of Sale experience, with custom reporting options, timed prices and menu options, as well as the ability to integrate with most modern Property Management Systems and Kitchen Displays.

  • Highly Customizable – Choose the POS features and interface configuration for different workstations or departments and customize check printing, prep tickets, and reports.


  • Access Key Business Data Anytime – Manage inventory, schedule labor, and monitor sales or other metrics through the Digital Dining Dashboard.


  • Centralize Multiple Location Management – Manage POS system definitions, menu items, pricing, and more all from a single dashboard. You can update data packages to multiple locations simultaneously via the internet.

Restaurant Labor Management

The restaurant labor management features of Heartland Digital Dining help optimize labor while streamlining processes and saving administrative time.

Digital Dining’s Labor Scheduling module provides the tools you need to simplify your restaurant labor management, reduce labor costs, and improve your bottom line. From report and budget generation to secure clock-ins and staff information maintenance, Digital Dining makes managers’ jobs easier.

Digital Dining fully integrates restaurant labor management with the Back Office and POS system to eliminate the hassles of data coordination and streamline your operations. Contact our team to put these benefits to work for you.

Mobile POS Options

Equipping your staff with mobile POS devices running Heartland Digital Dining’s digital suite can streamline processes, increase efficiencies and, ultimately, increase profits. Handheld POS gives servers the ability to take orders tableside and transmit them to the kitchen without waiting to use a stationary terminal or leaving the dining area where they are needed most.

Restaurant POS Reporting

Restaurant operators can have the vital business information they need at their fingertips with Heartland Digital Dining’s Dashboard. This powerful, web-based restaurant POS reporting tool creates customized, detailed reports on every aspect of your business, including inventory, labor management, and all types of transactions. Because it is web-based, it can be viewed from any Internet-enabled device, so you can access critical data anywhere, at any time.