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Digital Dining

ddlogoIntuitive Software meets Powerful Features.

From Apple iOS to Android to Windows to any handheld device…it’s your choice. Digital Dining automatically, dynamically scales graphics to the highest resolution possible. No newbie to handhelds the iconic brand Digital Dining has emerged as the undisputed leader in mobility. Digital Dining does it all…from POS for restaurants and bars with Table Management and Reservations to Delivery and Online Ordering…any concept, any size. We’ve taken the labor out of Labor Scheduling and added profits with our Inventory controls. Reward your customers with our Loyalty Plans and offer Gift Cards with no processing fees. Pay at the table and Google Wallet eliminates all worries about identity theft…safe, secure, and totally compliant. In the clouds or at your desk we’ve got the reports you want. From standard reports to custom report generators…on your dashboard or on your phone…a single store or multiple stores…anywhere, anytime you are in control…now that’s a beautiful thing!

Table Service

Taking care of business with DIGITAL DINING’s Table Service POS will have you operating at peak efficiency, turning tables faster and encouraging your customers to come back again and again. Security is at your fingertips with Fingerprint ID. Accommodate customer needs quickly with features like one-touch split check and split item, and keep them coming back for more with Frequent Diner rewards and smart coupons. And that’s just the start. We will custom design the Table Service POS with your operation in mind!Add the Handheld POS and you have an unbeatable combination! Have all the functionality of a desktop terminal in the palm of your hand. DIGITAL DINING’s Handheld POS allows servers to handle more guests efficiently, reducing labor cost and increasing speed of service and profits!

Highly Customizable POS

Customize all POS printing for checks, prep tickets, clock in and clock out slips, and server reports. Select the features you need for particular types of POS stations based on staff departments, times of day, and days of the week.

Integrated Credit Card

Servers and bartenders can accept credit cards for partial payments, split a check between multiple customers, and authorize a sale by simply swiping the card after placing the order.

Transfer Checks

Transfer a single check, multiple checks, or all of the open checks from one staff member to another. Table staff can even transfer menu items between guest checks. All transactions are done securely with an audit trail.

Hold and Fire

Hold selected menu items, such as entrees, so they do not print in the kitchen immediately. Table servers can send held items to the kitchen by setting a time of day or a day of the week on a timer for future orders.

Features Benefits
Round Reorder The Reorder button allows you to reorder a round of drinks for every customer on a check without having to reorder each drink manually.
Split Items Servers can split menu items between two or more customers by using the Reorder feature. The POS creates separate checks and calculates their totals before or after an order is sent to the kitchen.
Graphical Split Check The graphical split check feature allows table servers to separate checks by person manually. The POS then calculates the total for each order and prints separate receipts.
Item Out List Use the Item Out Alternative feature to stay updated on out-of-stock menu items. If a customer orders an item that is out-of-stock, the POS can suggest an appropriate alternate item.
Finger Print ID The Fingerprint ID allows staff to clock in, clock out, and perform selected functions based on their security levels.

Nightclub & Bar

Speed at the point-of-sale is critical to any bar’s success … and when it comes to speed, we exceed the limit. Digital Dining’s bar screen displays 48 “top sellers,” the items which typically account for over 80% of sales. ”Fast-Cash” sales couldn’t be quicker: Tap the drink items, the Cash button, and you’re done.Opening new tabs is just as simple: Tap the drink items, then the New Tab button, and the POS automatically creates a tab number. You can manually enter a customer’s name with a new tab. Using our pre-authorization feature, you can create a new tab by simply swiping a credit card. Later, when searching for a customer’s tab, you can sort open tabs with customer names by alphabetical order!

Double Any Drink

With only one touch, the bartender can change a drink to a double. The POS automatically adjusts the item’s pricing and calculates the inventory reduction according to the drink’s size.

Casino Font

You can set the bartender’s POS to use a large sales total display, which can assist customer, secret shopper and management auditing.

Happy Hour Pricing

The POS can automatically change menu item prices based on the time or day for happy hour, entertainment, or other promotions. The POS can make up to 9 price changes per day.

Drink Recipes

The POS can display and print drink recipes, which can help inexperienced bartenders prepare uncommonly ordered drinks. This also makes a great PR tool for customers who request recipes for popular drinks or house specialties.

Quick Tab Transfer

Incoming bartender’s can pick up all open tabs from an outgoing bartender with a single touch. A bartender can also transfer one or more bar tabs to a server.

Blind Drops

You can ensure staff integrity by forcing bartenders to account for the cash in their drawers by performing “blind drops” without a target total. These drops are included in POS reports, which managers can later use to reconcile their bartender’s cash drawers.

Security Camera Interface

Our integrated security camera interface allows you to monitor and record what drinks are poured and what price is entered for each transaction.

Features Benefits
Round Reorder Use the Reorder button on the POS screen to reorder whole rounds of drinks to specific seat positions in the bar. With a single tap, the Reorder button allows you to order the correct drinks (with their modifiers) as often as necessary.
PCI Compliant Digital Dining fully complies with PCI standards to better safeguard customers’ credit card data and protect owners against fraud and cardholder litigation.
Handheld POS
with Card Swipes
and Belt Printers
Digital Dining fully complies with CISP standards to better safeguard customers’ credit card data and protect owners against fraud and cardholder litigation.
Hide/Verify Card After verifying a card, the POS hides the card from the Open Tab screen to minimize screen clutter. At the end of the night, bartenders can easily adjust the tabs for tips and then close them.
Frequent Dining With Frequent Dining, you can track repeat customers by sales, interest, groups and hobbies. Servers can identify valuable customers as soon as they walk in. You can also create charities or sports clubs that earn a percentage of customer sales.




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